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Operational Programme Prague

During the period between 1/2011 and 3/2012 the company we will be realising a project titled “Support of adaptability within the ZENOVA services s.r.o. Company“. This project is realised within the scope of priority axis 1 – Support of development of knowledge economics with the subsidy support of the Prague – Adaptability Operation Programme from the funds of the European Social Fund.

The goal of the project is chiefly to increase the professional knowledge and skills of managerial employees in our company. The project contributes towards deepening and expanding the qualifications of a total of 37 involved individuals by implementation of an education system as a continual and systematic process increasing the adaptability of our employees on the employment market. We expect the project to increase the level of theoretical and practical knowledge and the skills of employees within the company, to promote the quality, productivity and added value of their work and to reinforce the company’s overall competitiveness during provision of complex cleaning services to its clients.
Instruction of our employees in the following training courses will take place during the period between 04/2011 and 03/2012 with the assistance of the expert lecturers of a selected supplier:
1.       Using growth against the market I and II programme
2.       Using growth against the market II programme
3.       Slim thinking towards higher productivity programme
4.       Resolving conflicts programme
5.       Dynamic manager programme
6.       Managerial academy programme
7.       Management of an effective team programme
8.       Financial accounting for non-financial managers
9.       Managerial skills programme
10.   Soft skill development programme
11.   Corporate culture programme